20 January 2011

Kindle Weirdness (um, nevermind. . .)

Ignore the question below.  I figured it out.  Amazon sends an email notice that a Kindle Book has been purchased and I have to "accept" the gift.   How VERY Catholic!  

Thanks to HancAquam readers:  Will, Tanya, and Katie!  I will pray for you guys every time I click my little reader on.  You help keep me sane.

Oh, I should also report that that problem I was having with the Kindle randomly restarting has been resolved.  I was turning it off with the novel still open.  I tried returning to the Home Page before turning it off and that seems to have fixed the problem.

Here's a question for the HancAquam Techie Geeks. . .

My Kindle Wish List indicates that kind, generous, much prayed-for HancAquam readers have purchased three "books" from the K.W.L.  Mille grazie!

However, the "books" do not show up for download on my Kindle account.  Nor do they download when I connect wirelessly.

Any ideas out there, Beloved Geeks?

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  1. Fr. Philip,

    You're quite welcome, and thank you for your prayers! I hope to make my temporary profession as a Lay Dominican in May; prayers for my lay vocation would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Before you turn off your Kindle, hit Menu. Select Bookmark. This will mark the page in the novel you are reading. Then go to Menu and select turn wireless off.
    I don't know about your other problem because people don't buy kindle books for me. But when I do have questions re: my kindle, I have more success simply googling my problem, than going to Amazon Kindle.
    It's fun. Isn't it?
    I have the cover with the light. That's the best feature. I've used that light reading in church, in tunnels, and anywhere where the light is bad.
    BTW, I've got Summa Theologica--complete-- 99 cents.