17 January 2011


Question:  Did you get that Kindle you mentioned before?  How do you like it?  You should add some Kindle books to your Wish List.

Answer:  Mom came through with the Kindle and I have been enjoying it immensely.  I'm having a small problem with it though.  For no apparent reason it will simply stop and restart.  This results in me losing my place in the book I was reading.  Any ideas?

Look for a longer review of the Kindle in a future post.

I've updated the Wish List. . .but I haven't figured out how to transfer my Kindle account to the Wish List just yet.  I'll let you know!

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  1. I've heard excellent things about Amazon's customer service when it comes to Kindles - including several people who've had theirs replaced.

    Might be worth getting in touch with them to see if they can do anything about it

  2. Matthew11:42 AM

    The restart issue could be related to the case. (if you are using the case) Apparently the amazon case makes the Kindle restart from time to time. You can return the case for a refund.

  3. Are you referring to the power saver function where it resets the screen to some random picture and turns off the wireless? If so when you turn it back on you should be right at the same place.

    If it is actually restarting then it might be defective, mine does not do that at all.

  4. sekman1:07 PM

    This is a common kindle issue. I had to have the first one they sent replaced. I would call customer service. If you have the amazon brand case without light that may be the issue as well. If you call customer service they will see to it that your situation is resolved.

  5. I don't have the kindle reader but I did down load the kindle application for PC. Every once in a while I have trouble with it shutting down when making notes (which I end up losing).

  6. I have been using my Kindle for 4 months and never had the problem you mention, so it could be a fault.
    Happy Kindling!