21 January 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing

Gruesome report on the "doctor" who murdered the children who survived his botched attempts at aborting them.

What happened to the anti-war movement?  The movement seemed nearly ubiquitous between 2000-2008.  Haven't heard much from them since, say, Jan. 20th 2009. 

Fantastic article on a NJ lawyer who's fighting the Good Fight against abortion.  (H/T:  M. Shea)

Bishops and college presidents will discuss the Catholic identity of U.S. Catholic higher education

A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged.  Pro-union publisher fights his employee union.  Why?  He seems to understand that there's no point in his magazine having an employee union if there's no magazine to employ them. 

One of the settings for the "Gloria" in the corrected translation of the Roman Missal.  I like it.  The music seems just a tad somber for the text of the "Gloria". . .but it is a thousand times better than 90% of the settings we use now.

Advice to Young Conservatives.  Best advice:  "Don't become infatuated with politicians — Save the crushes for actors, rock stars, and the cute blonde in your U.S. History class. . ." 

Physics Nerd cartoon

Why the pool was closed. . .

Post-It Note art. . .some of these are amazing.

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1 comment:

  1. lois in Indy7:54 AM

    It's good the lawyer is standing up for the lives of the unborn and their mothers but the woman who wrote the article certainly shows her pro-abortion bias and slants the piece to promote that agenda. May God have mercy on us all. lois