19 January 2011

Coffee Cup Browsing is back!

P. J. O'Rourke:  on the NYT not resisting the temptation to make nonsense of the shootings in Tuscon. 

You are not a leader if no one is following you:  ". . .a lot of 'extremist' discourse is really just inconvenient truth-telling by political opponents the liberal establishment would rather not hear from."

Give this pilot a medal. . .and put his name of your prayer list!

Fascinated by the variety of American English accents?  Check out this map.  Click on a region and you will see a list of states with links to Youtube vids of natives showing off their particular way of speaking English.

Isn't it ironic?  Feds use Manhattan College's own recruiting material and canon law to rule that the college is not a Catholic institution.  The USCCB ought to make refuting and dismantling the Land O'Lakes Statement a top priority.

Enrollment in Catholic schools is dropping b/c parents don't see much difference btw the Church's schools and the local public school.

The Church of England is considering a proposal to rewrite its baptismal service to diminish or outright exclude all those pesky Christian words and concepts.  The reason?  To get non-Christians into the pews.  In other news. . .a local liquor store stops selling liquor in order to get more people to buy more liquor.

But there's hope for Anglicans!

MT state trooper runs 50mph to catch drunk driver.

No Comment Pic of the Day

I'd definitely live in this house. . .we'd need to build a chapel though.

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  1. Yeh!

    Re: House -- Teletubbies?

  2. Perhaps, the NLRB will next opine on how a "religious order" can discriminate on the basis of sex. After all a religious order is NOT in their opinion a "Church" for the purposes of the First Amendment.


    And, could it be that Catholic parents are just broke -- inflation, taxes, high prices, and free Gooferment education?