04 November 2010

So, how much did it cost to evacuate Saigon?

And first prize for best post mid-term election commentary goes to. . .

Caption:  "Except I don’t think that evacuating Saigon cost $200 million a day. "

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  1. Gregg the Obscure11:11 AM

    . . . and the evacuees stayed away. If only we'd be so lucky.

  2. That seems like a steep bill for a visit, but I'm reluctant to complain about the bill for visits because English cranks were making the case that the papal visit was an uneccessary expense.

    Funny thing about that. About a week prior to the visit, the BBC was a veritable Open Mic Nite for every bigot with an axe to grind serving up almost every hoary anti-Catholic whopper in the book. Clearly the Beeb was hoping for a firestorm of protest. When that didn't happen, they went dead silent on the visit.

  3. Romish, I see your point about the expense; however, BO has learned for himself a rep for extravagance when it comes to spending other people's money. $200m a day!!! And he's got 40-something aircraft, 40-something naval vessels, and 3,000 staff going with him!!!! For a two day trip???

  4. Are you sure you have your facts on this? ABC News--this morning--said the 200m was not accurate and a statesman from the Pentagon said the 40+ aircraft and 40+ naval vessels is ludicrous.

  5. Scott, looks like the numbers were exaggerated...I'm linking to an article in tomorrow's CBB that disputes those numbers.