06 November 2010

Kindle version of 1st prayer book

 Santa Claus is bringing me a Kindle for Christmas. . .so,  it's a little weird that I'm a Kindle author before I was ever a Kindle reader. . .


  1. What made you decide on a Kindle instead of the Nook or Sony eReader?
    I need to make a decision before I write my letter to Santa.

  2. And when are you going to write a book that people can't put down--fiction, a thriller, or mystery series?
    The Friar Exorcist
    The Friar Saves the Caravagio
    The Friar and the retreat from Hell
    Murder in the Priory

  3. Faith, if I were to write fiction, it would be something more like old-fashioned southern lit--tales of family, etc. I love mystery novels but the time it takes to research them properly is prohibitive.

    I chose the Kindle b/c the newest version is on sale at Amazon for $139. I gave up trying to compare all the options out there...just went with the Kindle b/c I do so much business with Amazon.

  4. Wait! Look closely. The $180 Kindle includes service. IOW, every time you get a book for the $ 139 price, you pay for the book PLUS a service fee. The $189 price insures that you never have to pay a service fee--just the book.
    At least, that's what I'm told.
    Re: the Nook. They offer classes free in their store and they'll service the Nook. How are you going to fix your Kindle when it's broke. Besides Barnes and Noble is nearby where I live.
    Also nearby is a Sony outlook. Everything in my home is Sony: TV, camera, laptop. And since they're from the outlet, they were dirt cheap. So I have to check out their eReaders.
    I'm leaning towards the Nook because of its proximity and I'll be able to get it fixed there. But maybe Sony offers the same.