01 November 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Man dies from caffeine overdose.  No, it wasn't me.  I don't think I can overdose on caffeine. . .been a grad student for too many years.

That non-partisan/non-political "Restoring Sanity" rally in D.C. yesterday featured placards showing GOP leaders with Hitler mustaches.  Hmmmmm. . .

Enraged mobs in Toronto frighten their "Betters" by electing a mayor who promises to undo years of elitist-leftist nannying.  Oh, the horror.

Geez. . .these people have no shame:  Alaska CBS news station is caught on tape conspiring to invent a "child molester scandal" for the GOP Senate candidate, Joe Miller.  These folks are dreading Tuesday.

A follow-up from the indomitable Breitbart:  Ouch! 

MoveOn.org lefty does the mature thing and apologizes for choking AZ Tea Party member.  Politics can get hot. . .and violent.  Good on him for acknowledging his mistake!  We need more of that in American politics.

This is uber-creepy:  aliens and their ships appearing in religious art. . .from 400 yrs. ago!

Do demons exist?  As a matter for theologians, yes.  As a matter for philosophers. . .well, let's just say that the question is ambiguous and the answer more so.  We can say that demons exist and we can say that they are fallen angels. . .but it becomes a ginormous task to talk about demons in any way that makes sense outside theology.

How secure are those electronic voting machines?  We can put a man on the moon, but we struggle to find a secure, private way for citizens to vote. . .

Pro-aborts doing the Devil's work in Argentina.  Predictably, the national secular media do not cover the story.

From the pyramids to LOLcats:  on the venial uses of the brain

Scientists vs. engineers in the race to take over the world

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  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    I think Kathy Shaidle had a good response to when people compare a politician to Hitler: If Bush is Hitler, why aren't you a lampshade?

  2. Romish, HA! That is absolutely perfect. I'm gonna remember that.

  3. Anonymous10:17 PM

    We have scantron voting machines (Massachusetts). We get a paper ballot with names and circles on it. Fill in the circles with the pen in the voting booth. Take it to the machine where the person watches as you feed it in. If everything is fine it keeps it. If there's a problem it spits it back out it's marked spoiled and you can get a new one.

    If there's a question about how the machine counted votes the marked paper ballots are stacked inside the machine for recount by hand. If the ballot was mismarked, the voter got a chance to fix his/her own mistake.

    Only problem I can see is that it might be possible for the poll worker to see who you voted for in one or two races as you feed it in - but depending on how you hold it you can make sure it's just cemetery board or something similar.

    Well, that and the state doesn't require id to vote. But that's another issue. As far as vote counting machine this is my favorite after being registered to vote in 5 states (none of which check id).