05 November 2010

On coddling moral monsters regardless of party

Despite the fact that I go to bed every night praying the Novena for Protection Against Red Bearded Crypto-Protestants, I always find Mark Shea to be a good read. 

The Rubber Hose Right quite naturally evolves into the Assassination Right. This zeal for Salvation through Leviathan by Any Means Necessary is why, in the middle of all the fulmination about Obama as the Hitler/Stalin/Atheist/Muslim monster who is just about to murder 25 million Americans with his Bill Ayers Kommando secret death squads, nobody on the Talk Radio Right has uttered a peep about his actual (and incredibly dangerous) usurpation of power by which he has granted himself the authority (in the name of Keeping Us Safe from Terror, of course) to murder anybody in the world (including American citizens) without evidence, arrest or trial simply because he declares them to be, on his say-so alone, an "enemy combatant". 

[. . .]

Go read the whole thing b/c, ya know, he's right. 

P.S.  Shea, what's up with the Euro-punctuation?  American style-books aren't good enough for ya?

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  1. templariidvm12:09 PM

    I obviously didn't read the Goldberg article the way Shea and some others have read it. It seemed to be more about slamming the whole conspiracy theorist group. His point being, if the government really was what they thought,silencing dissenters with assassins, Assange would have been killed. Maybe I just interpreted it wrong. I did go back and re-read it. hmmmm

  2. Anonymous12:01 AM

    I find this so odd. What you describe is precisely what George Bush did. Precisely.

    Anyone would agree with that statement.

    I kept scrolling through your blog.

    Nasty, Snide, Cynical, Brooding.

    Where is the joy you get from God? It seems noticeably absent.

    You turn on the homilies like an advertising person.

    It rings hollow when juxtaposed with all the venom.

    Mary Ellen Hoffman

  3. Mary Ellen, um, that "W" did precisely those things is precisely the point of the article. So, your point is lost on me.

    You read snide, venomous, etc. I read calling out political hypocrites.

    I always preach to myself first. I make no claims to perfected holiness or perfect peace. Like everyone else, I need to hear the gospel. My ministry as a preacher is to proclaim the gospel and do my best to live up to it. That I regularly fail is obvious, but my failures are no indication that the gospel is untrue or unworthy.

    What I steadfastly refuse to do is pretend to be some kind of saccharine-sweet cleric who never says or writes a troubling word. I don't work for Hallmark or a P.R. firm.