31 October 2010

Photographic proof that I used to be skinny!

This pic was taken in Changsha, China on Nov. 30, 1990. I was at the railway station waiting for a train to take me to Shanghai where I would catch a flight to the U.S. Over the approx. six months I was in China, I lost 50lbs. My parents picked me up at the airport in Memphis and our first stop was Mrs. Winner's Fried Chicken! Needless to say, that I found that 50lbs within a few months. Sigh...

Oh, and I had one haircut while I was there. . .yea, I know.

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  1. I don't know what your state of health is, Fr. Powell, so I don't want to be too bold here. Many of us, including me, could use a healthy dose of asceticism when it comes to food consumption. I have actually been doing just that for about two years, and I have lost weight moderately, maintained the lose even during holidays, and I feel better and more energetic. On special days I feast. On others I fast. However, on most days I'm just moderate---not too much nor too little.