25 July 2010

Congrats to the newly ordained!

Three Dominican ordinations at Blackfriars, Oxford.

(L to R): His Grace Archbishop Bernard Longley of Birmingham, Fr. Thomas Skeats, Fr. Robert Gay, and the Rev. Br. Lawrence Lew.

I had the pleasant of studying with Fr. Skeats at the Angelicum this last year. Also, Br. Lew is wearing the same dalmatic I wore when I was ordained deacon at Blackfriars in 2004. Trust me, that thing is HEAVY! Fortunately, it was all of 67 degrees that day, July 3rd. Ah, English weather. Can't wait.

More pics and a report at New Liturgical Movement

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  1. I'll bet it's heavy! Purty though.

  2. The Rev. Br. seems to be showing up his brethren with a much more elaborate dalmatic. ;)

    Congratulations to all three fine Dominicans!

  3. Surely, you can find a photo of the newly ordained priests of the Southern Province, Padre. ;-)

    I was invited to go to the ordination in San Antonio, but wasn't able to wake up in time and make the drive down from Austin early in the morning.

  4. Raul, I'm checking the provincial website daily for pics. So far, nothing has been posted.