26 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Godwin's Law gets a corollary,  Sherrod's Law:  "The first one to accuse his/her opponent of racism loses." Besides, crying "Racism!" just doesn't work anymore.

Speaking of Sherrod. . .if her case is so important to the Left's media meme that the Tea Party/GOP/FoxNews is racist, why was she conspicuously absent from the Sunday talk show circuit?

Change You Can Believe In:  things could be worse!  Is this a message of hope?  Really?

Must watch vid of the week:  Democrat Howard "YEEEHAWWW" Dean gets spanked by Chris Wallace.  Who would have ever thought Dean could be speechless?

Heh.  No surprise here:  freedom-loving, uber-tolerant, diversity-preaching lib calls for the supression of organized religion.  Why?  Because he/she disagrees with religious believers.  Great argument.  I'm convinced.

Most conservative Supreme Court ever?  Pay particular attention to how the Court's "conservative" rulings are labeled.  What's in a label?  

Not only is Democrat John Kerry berthing his $7 million yacht in RI in order to avoid MA taxes, he had the thing built in New Zealand!   Um, what about American jobs, Mr. Kerry?
Speaking of coffer-raiding politicians:  the city manager of Bell, CA (pop. 36,552) rakes in $787,637 a year.   This means that the city manager gets paid approx. $21,550 per resident.  Excessive?  The median income of Bell residents?  A little under $40,000 a year. (NB.  read the combox to see what happens when I try to do math.)

Did the media hacks on JournoList conspire to get B.O. elected?  Well, it was a conspiracy in the same way that lemmings rushing off a cliff is a conspiracy.  

The Curt Jester is shocked to discover that women "priests" are not so orthodox when it comes to all things liturgical and theological!  Oddly, I never doubted it. 

I hate marshmellows.  Don't eat them.  Here's why

I've always wondered. . .how to prepare a kiwi.  NB.  they forgot the pork gravy.

On the use and abuse of medical procedures. . .sometimes it's just not about you.

I don't recommend this divination procedure for Catholics. . .but my Episcopalian readers might find it useful. 

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  1. Your math is a little off. It would be $21.55 per resident. Though his salary is 20x the median of the city.

  2. A little off! You are being kind. That's what I get for trying to do math in the first place.


  3. It's not as bad as you might imagine. You had all the digits right, but the order of magnitude was off by three. This means you probably divided by 36.552 instead of 36,552. Those decimal points are tricky.

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Here's a "fun" financial fact for a Tuesday. This year alone the Obama boys and girls will borrow approximately $12,800 from each American household.

    Not to worry. Tax the heck out of the rich and we're back in the game!

    Look on the bright side. The unemployment rate for government bureaucrats is zero. That ought to give the 17% that are out of SOL the warm fuzzies.

  5. Godwin's Law has a Catholic corollary. When the discussion is about some aspect of orthodox Catholicism sooner or later someone will bring up sexual abuse to shut the orthodox Catholic down. On a Catholic discussion board in Australia a thread about habit wearing sisters was derailed by just such a person.

  6. I am never eating lucky charms ever again. I hope you are satisfied!