28 July 2010

Coffee Mug Browsing

Kinda sad when the only member of the MSM who is willing to tell the truth about the whole NAACP/Sherrod affair is comedian, Jon Stewart.  

Democrat Kerry forks over $500K in taxes for the yacht he tried to hide from MA's IRS. 

Distinguishing btw Real Science and Cargo Cult Science, or Real Science and Whatever It Is That Those Global Warming Guys Are Doing.

Not all the Journ-O-lists were pushing for a pro-B.O. Borg-like message on all things political.

The Mahony Effect on CA Catholics:  majority support same-sex "marriage."  NB.  the poll does not distinguish btw Mass-going Catholics and Catholics in Name Only.

There is a direct correlation btw one's facial hair and one's contributions to society.

How company policies are made. . .it is also how customs in religious communities are made!

"Happiness" illustrated in a single pic.

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  1. "The Mahony Effect on CA Catholics"

    Not sure how we can blame Mahony here - he openly supported Prop 8 and all other propositions supporting traditional marriage, even issuing specific statements to California Catholics. Besides, I'm not sure a poll of "over 3000 catholics" is representative. Even LA County went in favor of proposition 8.


  2. Mahony's support for Prop 8 fell on Catholic ears trained in his version of Catholicism: private conscience trumps all, including Church teaching. My guess is that his support of Prop 8 was seen by many as a necessary public pose for a churchman under the Vatican microscope.

  3. Fr. Philip,

    That is certainly not how it was perceived. (I was a California Catholic until 2006). I believe his support, and the general support of the California Catholic bishops, helped move many Hispanics to vote in favor of Prop 8. So I don't agree with your assessment on this.