19 June 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Saudi Arabia's rehab program for Islamic terrorists isn't working.

Nanny wants to monitor your internet use.  This isn't anxiety-inducing at all.  What could go wrong?

Is B.O. last year's boy band?  Fans are disappointed.  Well, there was never any real reason to think that he would be anything but just another politician.  If his fans are disappointed, they only have themselves to blame.

While the U.S. government spends like a drunken sailor using a buddy's credit card, the E.U. wakes up to the disastrous reality of the welfare state. 

Getting married in heaven. . .not as easy as you might think.

Obit for breakfast food legend

Old School meds for everything from toothache to "nerves."  How did our ancestors manage to build a nation with this stuff on the market?  Note how almost all of the "nerve remedies" are advertised to women.

One weatherman's forecast for a Roman summer. . .yea, I think he's probably right.

The moral imperative against evil livers.

A little anti-iPad humor. . .

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