15 June 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Another bites the dust?  Spain is poised to become the next Greece.  Nanny welfare state economies are not sustainable.  When will we learn?  But the real (unspoken) point of the linked story is:  give us more welfare or risk right-wing dictatorships in Europe.  Scare tactics anyone?

Another MSM meme busted.  The political mood of the country heading into Nov mid-term elections is not anti-incumbent.  It's anti-Democrat.   And, yes, in another few election cycles, it will be anti-GOP.  That's just how democracy works.

66% of Americans voters are angry with the MSM.  33% are very angry.  The poll doesn't indicate what percentage simply stopped paying any attention to them long ago.

Has the Universe joined the Dark Side?  There's more darkness out there than we thought.

Communist problem finds a capitalist solution:  North Korea hires professional Chinese actors to cheer on its World Cup team in S. Africa.  Hey, that's the sort of astro-turfing that even the NYT could love!

Geez, the P.C. Nannies are at it again.  No cigar for Mr. Churchill.  That's like dubbing Julia Child with a mid-western housewife's voice.

If you raise a generation of kids on gov't entitlements and teach them that personal initiative and responsibility are evil, then you shouldn't be surprised when they sit around waiting for Mom and Pop Gov't to hand them a cushy, well-paid job with great benefits.

Speaking of a prolonged adolescence. . .

Patrick Madrid:  Catholicism is great b/c even our statues worship statues!

Jimmy Akin examines the "new Biblical evidence" that B.O. is the anti-Christ.  Warning:  there's Hebrew grammar involved.

I'm happy to say that I've read most of these. . .yes, I'm a sci-fi/fantasy nerd.  Laugh and I'll sic my magic dragon on you.

As the older brother of a bratty younger brother, I can attest to the truth of this.

Warning:  physics geek humor.  10 pts to any non-physics geek who gets the joke.

The most awesomest epic pop-cultural allusion battle EVAH!

We're all doomed.  The Zombies ate all the geeks first.

Creationism + astronomy + pop song reference = Genius!

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  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I think that the science fiction list is somewhat suspect since not only does it include "God Emperor of Dune" but at #297.

    I guess if I were taking enough of the spice melange I'd have seen this coming.

    Memphis, TN

  2. Hahaha... I guess I fail at modern young adulthood. I like being a failure at modern young adulthood. It's fun. Heck, at 35 I'm sure that Sass will have at least another 3 siblings, probably more like 4 or even 5.

    - The Perpetually Pregnant Papist

  3. Doesn't everyone get the reference to Schroedinger's Cat? I'm not physics geek, but this is funny!

  4. Suppose the cat in the box were locked in a room. Will the cat have both escaped and not escaped from the box until we open the door and observe it?

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