15 June 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

NC Democrat Congressman Etheridge assaults a college student on the street.  He apologizes.  And the DNC responds by attacking the publisher of the video.  Incredible.  Imagine for a moment that the Congressman was a Republican. . .we'd have 24/7 live coverage on all the major networks.

Those defending Etheridge's assault are creating a meme:  "The Congressman was assaulted ambush-style by unidentified hit men like that anti-ACORN guy.  The whole thing was a GOP setup."  So, it's OK to assault people on the street if it's all just a "setup."  Sorry.  Not gonna fly.  He's a Congressman.  He works for the American people.  The students never touched him.  And it doesn't matter if it was a GOP setup.  You don't assault people.

To his credit, Congressman Etheridge seems to understand what he did was wrong. Of course, he only apologized after the videos went viral on Youtube.

Rough times for an old friendship. . .I say to our Brit cousins:  please, don't confuse B.O.'s ideologically motivated disdain for the U.K. with the attitudes of most Americans.  We love the U.K.!  Once we dump President Thin Skin in 2012, all will be well.

Teacher fired from Christian school for getting pregnant before marriage?  Fair?  Yup.  However, her supervisor was dead-wrong to tell other teachers why she was fired.

Chancellor Merkel is in trouble in Germany.  Too bad.  I kinda like her.

Dissecting TIME's coverage of the Holy Father's homily at the conclusion of The Year of the Priest.

UN insider says that there never was a consensus on man-made global warming within the agency charged with handling the issue.  Uh, yea.  We know.  We've pretty much known from the beginning.

Looks like internal Vatican politicking will prevent Cardinal Pell of Sydney from heading up the Congregation of Bishops.  Too bad.  For him and for the Church.

I wonder what St. Francis Xavier would think of that logo?  I wonder what he would think of the his Jesuit brother who "pastors" the parish named after him.

"A calling to serve God has cut off an Iowa woman's tie with the Catholic Church."  Um, no.  A woman's false belief that she is called to the Catholic priesthood and her errant behavior based on this false belief have caused her to be cut off from the Church.  NB.  the reporter writes that this woman "will be excommunicated" for pretending to be ordained.  That's incorrect.  She excommunicated herself the second she faked a sacrament.

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