18 June 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

I'm no fan of B.O., but I think this is a bad idea.  We have several thousand problems more pressing than catching naughty politicians.  Besides, the GOP is supposed to be all about shrinking gov't not hiring more employees.

The world's governments would rather hate the U.S. as a strong but reliable ally than love us as weak and unpredictable.  Dreamers in the White House make them (and most of us) very nervous.

Ross Douthat wants to know why Hitchens is the particular kind of atheist that he is.  My sense of Hitchens is that he knows/feels that God really does exist but that acknowledging this truth puts him in the position of having to choose to either defy Him or bow before Him.  Hitchens' ego won't allow him to bow, so he rants instead.  Douthat notes that Hitchens is "restless."  Sound familiar?

North Korea abandons its disastrous command economy and embraces free markets.  Why?  Its citizens were quite literally starving to death.

On believing that your family and friends have been replaced by impostors.   Brain injuries have been known to produce "Foreign Accent Syndrome."  A life-long Mississippian wakes from a coma, speaking English with a Italian accent!  My considered conclusion:  the brain is weird.

A graphic representation of why the U.S. cannot follow California's utopian economic delusions"Texas’s low-cost, liberty-loving atmosphere has become an attractive alternative to California’s oppressive public sector and dysfunctional policy environment."  One of the reasons the Left is desperate to impose an European-style VAT is to make fleeing high tax states less attractive.  Give them no where to go and they will stay.

Spending your money to demonstrate that your opposition to ObamaCare is motivated by racism

Fr. Z. asks, "Is it time for the papal tiara?"  To my working-class mind, one of the best reforms coming out of Vatican Two was the elimination of all the imperial trappings of the papacy, e.g. the sedan chair, the papal crown, etc.  I'm 100% supportive of the Holy Father's efforts to restore reverence and mystery to the liturgy.  I just hope he resists the call to restore the frills of Empire. 

What will happen to the pets of the Elect who are raptured into heaven? 

Amazing sculptures done with colored construction paper.

Hey, profs can get bored in class too, ya know.  50 Fun Things Spice Up Your Lectures.  

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  1. I suspect Christopher Hitchens is a lot closer to God than many much nicer people who are lukewarm. It's the lukewarm that get spat out of Christ's mouth.

  2. He reminds me a lot of me twenty-years ago. I'd know that God-hungering angry anywhere.

  3. With regard to the papal tiara, part of an interview with then-Cardinal Ratzinger in the late 1980s focused on the Vatican II removal of the tiara. Ratzinger supported the move and even went so far as to call the crown harmful to the sensibilities of the Church. Granted a person can change his mind, but I don't think we'll need to worry about it while he's in charge.

  4. Totally agree with you on the imperial trappings

  5. One of the greatest mistakes of the post-Conciliar insanity was capitulating to the radically egalitarian vision of the Church that included ditching the tiara, the sedia, etc.

    I pray that these "trappings" are returned. Embracing the revolutionary attitudes of 1789 and Modernity not only has no place in the Church and leads only to atheism.

  6. Fr. P.,

    Both the GOP and the DNC are statists, they agree about the power of big government. However, their skin-deep disagreement is on what to do with unlimited powers.

    I, for one, prefer the limited federal government found in the Constitution. Anything else is tyranny.