17 June 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

The Religion of Peace uses its governmental power to overthrow centuries-old Christian doctrine on marriage in Egypt.  Given half a chance, our Betters in the U.S. would do the same. 

This sort of thing drives me crazy.  Am I wrong to think that these "miracles" trivialize the faith? Maybe I'm just being too Dominican.

Mark Shea:  Stephen Hawking should stick to physics and leave the really important questions of life to those who think that they are important.

The thrill is gone.  What happens to your presidency when even your cheerleaders start to cheer against you?  Jon Stewart to B.O.:  "Oh my God, you're Frodo!"  Oddly, B.O.'s leftist critics aren't being called racist.  Why's that?

On PayPal's cowardly surrender to Islamic extremists and their tender egos.   If there was ever an example of how the alternative media are shaping the political landscape, this is it.

At what point after 1986 did Cardinal Mahony come to realize that priests shouldn't molest children?

The Church doesn't need any more goofy Wounded Healers. . .we need Apostles!

Soooo, let's get this straight:  the Dems in FL are thinking about dumping their black candidate in order to support a white candidate in a race against a Hispanic candidate.  Yea, my Political Cynicism Meter is clicking a thousand beats a second.

Can't read; can't write; can't do any math. . .but we have learned to chant in praise of Dear Leader.  Can 2012 come any faster, please?

I'm a fan of the police.  They have an incredibly tough job and often find themselves in impossible situations.  Having spent four years managing violent crises in an adolescent psych ward, I can tell you:  this guy could have handled this little crisis much, MUCH better.

For male readers only:  printable application for a night out with the boys

Imperfect chairs to keep those annoying meetings short and sweet. . .well, short, anyway.

The New Model Food Chain. . .after the Zombie Apocalypse.

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  1. The post about Cardinal Mahony is simply unfair. At that time, "experts" were saying that molesters were curable, and authorities often did not choose to prosecute. To imply that Mahony didn't know molestation was wrong is simply false. Were his actions then therefore correct? Of course not. But we do know quite a bit more about recidivism among molesters than we did then.

  2. fragranceofgod11:56 AM

    Must be something wrong with me - I see - a tree!

  3. The application was hilarious! Very funny!