24 March 2010

Tweaking the priest

Walking to and from French class near the Piazza Navona is always something of a mini-adventure.  Among the throngs of people packing the streets are beggars, con-artists, tourists, schoolchildren on field trips, hawkers. . .you name it, you'll see it. 

Yesterday, while walking through the Largo Argentina I noticed a disreputable fellow in my path trying to get the attention of passers-by.  He was holding something that I couldn't quite make out.  He noticed me as I got closer and broke out into a big, silly grin.  Of course, another con-artist!  Preparing myself to tell him "No, thanks," he came up to me and handed me a handbill.  Relieved that I didn't have to explain why I couldn't part with euros I didn't have, I nodded and stuffed the bill into my book bag.

It wasn't until later in the evening, when I emptied my bag, that I understood why he was grinning when he handed me the flier.  It was an ad for Nora Thai's Massage Center! 

Cheeky git.

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  1. bwahahahahhahahahhahahahahaaaaaaaaa







  2. Mom? What's so funny? I made an appt for next Tuesday.

  3. Yeah, I remember the Piazza Navona...whenever I visit, I think of Martial. Yes, he's bawdy, but he's also a great tour guide for ancient Rome.

    Hope your mother is better.