26 March 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

If you are feeling put-upon by the world's problems, watch this video.  It features the Notre Dame marching band.

Ah, the stench of left-liberal (in)tolerance in Canada!

Weak, overwhelmed, and bought. . .Stupak becomes a verb of derision.

Good News!  Castro loves ObamaCare. . .so, REJOICE!

Collapsing in waves of maidenly vapors:  Dems quaking in "fear" over a few mildly insulting quips from their employers.

Also, predictably, most of the "violence" against Dems is fabricated.  The coffin left on a Dem's lawn?  Nope.  Story retracted.  A rock thrown through a Dem's office?  Really?  His office is on the 30th floor.

And if they can't find any real violence to report, they try to provoke some.

On the Holy Father and the media attempts to smear him with the WI abuse scandal.  Fr. Z. is really, really not happy.

And you think you have car problems. . .

12:34. . .This weird clock-thing happens to me all the time.  I also look at the clock almost everyday at 5:26. . .my birthday (May 26th).  Freaky.

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