26 March 2010

Reality-check on anti-Obama rhetoric

The Dems and their media helpers are whining about the increase in anti-Obama/anti-Democrat rhetoric on the right.

Here's a reality-check for them:

Bush Hitler (925,000 images)

Bush Stalin (325,000 images)

Bush Fascist (226,000 images)

Bush Dictator
(326,000 images)

Bush Anti-Christ
(112,000 images)

Bush Satan (321,000 images)

Assassinate Bush (626,000 images)

Impeach Bush (92,000)

Bush Monkey (916,000 images)

Bush Joker (112,000 images)

35% of Democrats believe 9/11 was Bush's doing

"Death of a President," an Bush-assassination movie that won six international prizes

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Here's one cartoon that begs for controversies.


    In a way, it may have been a practical summary of current event. Your thought padre?