25 March 2010

Summorum Pontificum applies to the Dominican Rite too

Interesting news about the Dominican Rite of the Mass from St. Joseph's Province, USA:

". . .after the motu proprio, should Dominican priests who celebrate in the Extraordinary Form celebrate the Dominican Rite, since Dominicans generally did not celebrate the Roman Rite before 1969?

The Liturgical Commission of the Province of St. Joseph studied this question, concluding that it would seem more fitting that a Dominican who desires to celebrate an older form of the Mass would do so according to the Order’s own liturgical tradition rather than stepping outside it, and that this be done in a way that is properly integrated into our fraternal life. It is clear that the Prior Provincial or the Master of the Order may grant permission for such celebrations pursuant to the 1969 rescript from the Congregation for Divine Worship.

After the issuance of Summorum Pontificum, a series of questions about whether that document applies to other Latin rites was propounded to the Ecclesia Dei Commission (the Commission of the Holy See charged with the authority to oversee the application of the motu proprio). In May of 2009, after a query originating in the Archdiocese of Milan about the Ambrosian Rite, the Commission indicated that Summorum Pontificum applied not only to the Roman Rite, but to all of the Latin rites, and therefore that priests of Milan could celebrate the Mass according to the Ambrosian Rite of 1962. In subsequent correspondence, they further clarified that this also held good for the Dominican Rite of 1962."   

IOW, just as all priests are now permitted to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, Dominican priests are permitted to celebrate the Dominican Rite.

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  1. Have you? Will you?

  2. Happy feast day, Father!


  3. I've never attended the Dominican Rite. How does the Dominican Rite differ from what most of us are used to?

  4. All, I have no interest in learning the Extraordinary Form. I'm perfectly happy to have it available for those who want to celebrate it.

    Likewise, I don't have much interest in using the OP Rite either...but I'd like for it to be available.

    Anita, if you use the link in the post to explore a bit you will find a video of the rite being celebrated.

  5. Last I year I was told that there are a couple of congregations of nuns in the St. Joseph province that would like to have the 1962 Mass, but that the Dominican priests of that province weren't yet allowed to say it for them because they were waiting on some decision of the superiors. I wonder if this was that decision, and that now some monasteries will start having the old Mass?