17 February 2010

Lenten Reflection 1: the Devil's pretty hooks

"What profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself?”

Few of us will be offered the chance to forfeit ourselves in exchange for gaining the whole world.  That would be a temptation worth thinking about twice!  Unfortunately, most of us are seriously tempted by far less than the acquisition of global power and wealth.   The Devil knows us well. . .too well.  He knows that trying to sell us on a deal of Having It All in exchange for our allegiance would raise suspicions.  Too big.  Too complex.  Not a workable temptation.  Instead, he offers us smaller, more manageable lures to catch us out.  Once we've taken the bait, it's just a matter of waiting for the hook to dig in deeper.  He gives us some slack.  Lets us run a while.  And then, just when we think our deal with the Devil has been just a little harmless fun, he snaps the line and reels us in.  Jesus says that we must deny ourselves daily, take up our cross daily, follow him daily. Persistence, vigilance, fortitude. 

The happiest fish is the fish that stays clear of fishermen fishing with pretty hooks.

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  1. I (without realizing the timing) started reading The Screwtape Letters about a week ago...

    talk about interesting reading!!

  2. But you can have it all!
    Here's the link:


    OK, it's a spoof...