20 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Dali Lama thrown out of the White House with the daily garbage?  Stay classy, B.O.!

Despite the fact the suicide bomber in Austin, TX was a publicly professed socialist and anti-Catholic bigot, the lefty MSM strains at portraying him as a right-wing zealot with connections to the Tea Party.  Clueless, anyone?

Sitting next to fat people on a plane. . .for the record, I never need a seat extender and I can sit with the arm rest down.

Deadwood university faculty:  what to do?  The Supreme Court ruled mandatory retirement for tenured faculty unconstitutional back in the late '90's.  This is a big part of the problem for new PhD's in the job search. 

The Unwashed Masses of Fly-over Country vs. Our Cultural Betters:  why we aren't buying the faux populism of those who think themselves our superiors.

On the use of nominalism in the war against terror. . .what's in a name?

What role does religion play in propping up a fascistic state?

"Using every licit means. . ."  Franciscan friars skateboarding for Jesus!

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  1. Re: the skateboarding friar.
    I must say I am impressed it would seem difficult to do tricks like that with a habit on. that and bailing a trick (especially a grind) is a severe test of humility and restraint. Still I would have to admit I the only thing that would make this video complete is seeing this friar get on a vert pipe and pull off a Christ Air. that would be awesome.

  2. Anonymous4:06 AM

    Speaking of classy, I would urge you to take a look at our previous President. I miss him so much. Please look at minute 1:12 and on...


    I wish we could have that kind of person in the Oval office again!

    Darren Stitt

  3. I would much rather sit next to a "person of size" on an aircraft than a parent with a small child travelling on their lap. Having toddler feet in your coffee is not recommended!

  4. Darren, W's lack of class doesn't excuse The Won. Bush never claimed to be anything but a cowboy. B.O. and his cult want us to believe that he can do no wrong. Big difference.