18 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Technology and the Orwellian Age:  high school uses student laptops for spying!

Finally.  Heads are starting to roll over the U.N. "Climate Change" boondoggle.  NB.  This guy is a social worker NOT a scientist. 

Dominican friar appointed archbishop of Prague. 

Number of exorcisms on the rise in Poland. 

Most likely to attend Church:  Mississippians.  Least likely Vermontians.

The art of hiding. . .there may be one crawling on you right NOW!!!

Optical illusions:  these things drive me crazy.

During Lent, tape this pic on your 'fridge with the caption, "I'm watching you!"

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  1. Another statistic about Mississippi and Vermont (less favorable to your home state).

  2. Wow! You guys are really going to church. Here in Norway, church attendance is 2% I think.

  3. You know, Father, you keep warning people away from things like Ouija, then you openly and with no warning link to that page of witchery. At least give people a chance to uncork their holy water before clicking the link.

  4. Anonymous7:59 AM


    Tell me that fridge (with all the beer) is not your fridge. If it is, I'm envious.

    I wish mine looked like that. My wife would have a stroke!

    The pic on my fridge would be my wife. Altho, the pic you post comes close, just about 150 lbs light.

  5. I think the Eye of God Nebula might be even better to use as the "I'm Watching You" picture, donchathink?

    Blessed Lent!

  6. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Its no wonder exorcisms are on the rise in Poland, what the legalization of abortion and other demonic aspects of western culture now found in Poland.

  7. ummm, that last pic was a bit frightening....

    I love optical illusions...but I'm always skeptical with ones on the computer...I much prefer the "old fashined" pen and paper ones.