17 February 2010

Daily meditations & the BDWLE

I'm going to make an effort this Lent to post a short, daily reflection on the Mass readings.  I've tried this before and failed rather miserably.  Try, try again, right?

The Book Depository Wish List experiment continues. . .

Four of the seven original books on the list have been sent my way! 

I rec'd another surprise recently.

Please, remember to let me know via the combox here if you decide to make a purchase from this list.  B.D. doesn't delete a book from the list when it is purchased, so there's the risk of duplicate purchases.

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  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Father, any reflections you can post during Lent, I'll certainly read. In fact, I need them!

    Thanks for today's


  2. Hello, Fr. Philip...Did the books you recently received from the Book Depository include the Systematic Theology book by Tillich? The tracking page simply stated that the book had been dispatched. Thanks. Mary

  3. Mary, yes, I rec'd the Tillich book just recently...Mille Grazie! This volume has an extension discussion of the nature of revelation. :-)