17 February 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

SSM proponents in CA misunderstanding religious opposition to their agenda. . .they seem to think that religious folks oppose SSM for no other reason than that radically redefining marriage will encroach on the free exercise of religion.  It doesn't occur to them that opposition to SSM might be based on something more than raw politics.

A Rome-leaning Anglican bishop is talking directly with the CDF about the Holy Father's initiative to welcome alienated Anglicans into the Church.  Why direct talks with Rome rather than talking to the bishops' conference of England & Wales?  Look like the English and Welsh bishops aren't all that interested in seeing the Pope's plan implemented.

E.U. Nanny State begins a bloodless coup in Greece. . .bureaucrats as revolutionaries?
Strange but necessary:  AZ proposes law to bar judges from using foreign/religious law in making legal decisions in an American court. 

Report on the Holy Father's Ash Wednesday service at O.P. headquarters, Santa Sabina.  NB.  for those who insist that all Real Catholics wear their ashes all day. . .the Roman custom (cf. pic) is to receive the ashes sprinkled on the head rather than smeared on the forehead.

Aaaahhhhh. . .true Zombie love.

The American Psychological Association is revising its diagnostic manual.  They need to include ambulothanatophobia in the revision.  Just sayin'.

Oddly disturbing animal pics. . .the Gatorfrog?  G.I. Cow?

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  1. my kids did a through inspection of our foreheads this morning to make sure our "t booboos" were gone.....