15 January 2010

Updates & Prayer requests

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The WISH LIST has been updated to reflect current needs for the beginning of my dissertation research.  The license thesis is all but finished. . .just the boring technical stuff left to do.

The second prayer book goes into production soon.  I'm told by the folks at Liguori that the first book is selling well.  Mille grazie to all who bought it.  I'm hoping to be able to do some book signings this summer while I'm in the U.D.:  Houston, Dallas, Memphis. . .maybe St Louis.

We were worried for a while that one of our Southern Provinces's friars was trapped in Haiti.  Turns out his flight left about 2.5 hrs before the earthquake hit.  Thank God for that.  Please keep the Haitian people constantly in your prayers.

Mama Becky is doing quite well.  She and I appreciate the prayers and notes of concern for her health.  Now, please pray for her sanity.  My father retired right before Christmas!  HA!

Also, a long-time friend living in Jackson, MS reports that the freezing weather ruptured most of the water mains in the city.  This means no water for drinking, cooking, or toilets.  YIKES!  Keep those folks in your prayers as well.  How quickly a little bad weather can disrupt civilization, uh?

Looks like at least one summer course is coming my way at U.D. this summer.  Pray for a second, please.  My student budget needs the money.

Take a second and sign the petition, "We've Waited Long Enough."  This petition urges the bishops' conference to publish and implement the new English translation of the Roman Missal.  There's a rival petition floating around arguing for more delay.

As always, thanks for your support. . .Fr. Philip


  1. glad to hear momma's doing well.

    yeah for the class. maybe we could meet halfway and take you out to eat. ?? or maybe take you out after Mass (if you're saying any while here).

    by the way. your Christmas gift is en route. hope it gets to you soon!

  2. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Jackson was crippled by the freeze and so were the surrounding areas that receive water too.
    Although we have/had water, the pressure was nil and you have to boil it, if you can get enough out!

    Luckily the surrounding areas are helping Jackson out with crews, etc.

    Maybe not much longer.