12 January 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Mark Shea tries to figure out what a "neo-Catholic" is. . .being one myself, I find the term offensive.  Oh well.  I've been called far worse.

Immigration is one of those issues that makes me crazy. . .especially when the USCCB takes it up as a Catholic cause.  As a part Choctaw indian, my general response is:  All you people need to go home!

Fr. Z. asks whether or not the Church should be blessing laptops and cell phones.  I say, "YES!"  And to demonstrate my fervor, my second book of prayers contains a prayer of consecration for the holy use of a computer.

I'm speechless (don't fall over!):  four women allowed to marry in the Catholic Church!  Does the Pope know about this?

If Google is a marker for cultural progress. . .we're in big trouble.

Once again the Pope is accused of being Catholic.  When will this bigotry end, O Lord?!

Sensible advice from a Jesuit.  Yes, I said it. .  .the Jesuit is right. 

This is what happens when you immerse Americans in portrayals of Platonic neo-pagan utopias that paint western civilization as an engine of greed, violence, and stupidity.

Vatican Radio reviews "Avatar," saying that the film is "a wink towards the pseudo-doctrines which have made ecology the religion of the millennium."  Notice:  the article uses the verb "reviews" for secular reviewers, yet the Vatican "passes judgment."  Figures.

Democrat Chris Dodd says that ObamaCare is "hanging by a thread."  It's more accurate to say that this monster is hanging by an umbilical cord. . .about 1.7 million umbilical cords a year.

Members of Congress burned through a couple of million in tax dollars to live it up at the failed Copenhagen Conference.  They would have done more good by staying home. . .or by staying in Denmark.

There may be just a little evidence of a double-standard in the media over the seriousness of racism. You decide. 

I have nothing against the Hamptons. . .but if you want to nuke them, here's your chance.

NB.  I've deleted the link to the pop-cultural depictions of  Jesus.  Thanks to those of you who picked up on some of the language and images there that I missed.


  1. okay, nuking the hamptons was truly fun....might have to do that again!

    as for depictions of Jesus. the ones I don't like are the effeminate ones....like the Sacred Heart pic the site has in its upper left corner. That makes me crazy.

  2. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Jesus of the Week. . .lots of pop-cultural depictions of Jesus. I didn't view them all, so if any of them are truly offensive, let me know. It doesn't look like the site is trying to be blasphemous.

    From the site:

    No one knows for sure what Jesus looked like, but He was probably hot. It's as if Sawyer from Lost, Tom Brady, and Jim Morrison (played by Val Kilmer) all just mixed together as one perfect Christly image.

    I didn't see anything directly blasphemous. Indirectly is another matter. By casually tossing about the name of Our Lord (and making hip variations on it like "Jeez", and the picture with the caption "reload to resurrect"), it amounts to trivialization. Burying His divinity and authority under a mountain of dumb regular guyness. Fail.

  3. the four women marrying in the church--that was a good one.

  4. I mostly agree with romishgraffiti

    but i did find this one rather offensive:


  5. also, you need to update your AmP link: http://catholicvoteaction.org/blog/amp/index.php

  6. Anonymous11:51 AM

    I don't think a site referring to Jesus as "hot" is really appropriate.

  7. ugh O'Leary is such a troll. I feel revolted looking at his page. Why does the church ignore him when he is causing grave harm?

  8. There's also blessing for "technology" in the official Book of Blessings, I think...but I'm too tired to get off the sofa and go upstairs to my study to look.