14 January 2010

Help for Haiti

Most of us really can't begin to imagine what it must be like to lose everything in a natural disaster.  The sheer weight of loss and the accompanying despair is overwhelming.  Looking through the pics of the devastation wrought in Haiti by yesterday's earthquake, every good soul must feel kinship with those suffering in grief.

It is truly beyond comprehension.

Chris Johnson has a series of links for organizations providing relief in Haiti.  Pray and give what you can!

And for the record (just in case anyone out there is wondering):  Pat Robertson does N.O.T. speak for the Church when he claims that Haiti is cursed.  


  1. Pat Robertson once described my homeland of Scotland as a "dark land" where homosexuals held the upper hand. I don't know whether he's deranged or dishonest but I'm constantly amazed at how so many in the US (and elsewhere, I suppose) part with their hard earned cash to line his coffers (and those of his fellow charlatans).

  2. crs.org = Catholic Relief Services

  3. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Dr. Fr. Powell (my brother),

    Perhaps your readers my find a low cost way to contribute and at the same time, enrich their prayer lives.

    Peter Bond of Catholic Prayer Cards has produced very low priced (pennies) prayer cards for intentions for Haiti. 100% of proceeds will go to direct aid for Haiti. The prayer cards are for the intercessions of the venerable (Haitian) Pierre Toussiant who is pictured and reads:

    O virtuous Pierre Toussaint, son of Haiti, pray for all of the poor and afflicted. Pray especially for your brothers and sisters in Haiti as they seek freedom from the oppression of poverty and calamity. Through your prayerful intercessions, strengthen the weak, enrich the poor, comfort the downcast and inspire courage and hope all those who struggle each day." Amen

    Merci pour nous amis en Haiti.

    Fr. Gerald J.M. Memdoza, OP