16 January 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

BXVI asks Cardinal Schonborn to butt out of the Medjugorje mess?  Maybe.  Who knows?  Regardless, remember:  Church recognition of an apparition means nothing more than the that reported locutions are consistent with Church teaching.  Catholics are free to heed them as authentic but not required to do so. 

Danny Glover channels the neo-pagan version of Pat Robertson"His obscene opinion would be bigger news if Glover had – in the manner of others – idiotically blamed a less-fashionable deity."

Damien Thompson responds to the call of the ecclesial dinosaurs to halt the new English translation of the Missal, "What If We Just Said Wait."  D.T. suggests another approach:  "What If We Just Said Get Stuffed, You Finger-Wagging Liberals Who Wreck The Mass Every Sunday By Boring The Pants Off Us With Your Politicised Bidding Prayers, Dreary Folk Antiphons And Other Self-Aggrandising Stunts."  Sounds good.

Another reason for MA voters to give their Senate seat to Scott Brown.

Will we do most anything to lose weight?  13 weird diets

Pic of a demonic attack.  I'd be very scared.

Not your everyday bedtime reading for a toddler!

For all your mystical needs:  Mystics of the Church

Be it resolved:  "The Catholic Church is a force for good in the world." 

Video and text resources in preparation for the 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Another smart Democrat bails before the 2010 mid-term elections.  And this is why.

A couple of readers have asked how I choose items for Coffee Bowl Browsing.  Generally, I just click around on my fav sites and link to what I find interesting.  I also use StumbleUpon to find random sites for the odd/bizarre items that pop up on all CBB's.  I try to cover politics, Catholic interests, personal interests, and the occasional update on the coming Zombie Apocalypse.  There's no magic. . .it's just what it is:  browsing the internet while I have my bowl o'coffee.

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  1. Why drink coffee out of a bowl and not a mug? Put in on your wish list and you'll get one!

  2. Ugh the intelligence squared debate is horrible. Its a set up against the Catholics and even the crowd is from the beginning against the Church.

  3. my thought patterns are elliptical rather than syllogistic.

    Father , could you explain this and give me a concrete example please?