15 January 2010

Coffee Bowl Browsing

Fr. Z. reports that Celebrity Cruises has decided to stop hiring Catholic priests as chaplains.   I served as a cruise ship chaplain with Royal Caribbean during the summer of 2006, offering daily Mass and leading a Protestant service on Sunday.  I cruised from England to the Mediterranean on two back-to-back trips for a total of four weeks.  It was an unpaid job.  The cruise line gave me and a friend free passage and meals.  We shared a tiny two person room.  I second Fr. Z.'s suggestion that Catholics contact Celebrity Cruises and let them know that their business will be going elsewhere.  Keep in mind:  this isn't just about denying Catholic passengers the opportunity to fulfill their Sunday obligations.  The crew will also be denied.  They don't have the option of finding a Mass while the ship is in port.

Haiti descends into savage anarchy while rescuers attempt to save lives.

B.O. celebrates his first year in office with many of his campaign promises either unfulfilled or broken.  Like I said back in early 2008:  just another Chicago Machine politician.  Nothing special.  Our consolation prize:  50% regret their vote for The Won.

Harry "Light-Skinned, No Negro Dialect" Reid has a 71% approval rating. . .among state-run media types.  Figures.

In Catholic Boston Coakley (D) says that the "separation of Church and State" should keep Catholic docs and nurses out of the E.R.   Here's the audio.  Also, as Attorney General of MA she brokered a deal with one of the Church's most notorious child molesters in 1995, allowing him to go free and molest again.

The wisdom of government bureaucrats sets China up for a dramatic natural disaster.

The Legionaries lose another prominent American priest.  Maybe it's time for the L.C.'s to think about dissolution?

Catholics deserting the Church in Austria in record numbers.  Exit question:  how many of them actually practiced the faith?  My guess:  not many.   Predictably, the media is blaming the conservative policies of BXVI.

Archbishop teaches Pelosi the truth on Catholic freedom and conscience.   Assignment for Pelosi:  write "Conscience is not permission to do what you like" 1000x's.

Is the flame of Catholic dissent dying out?  Well, one generation of dissenters is nearing its biological end. . .but dissent has been with us since Judas.  There needs to be a study arguing for/against the following  proposition: most orthodox theologians in the U.S. are laymen.

Smoking is healthy!  Even Santa says so.

People are strange (thank God)

More signs of the coming Zombie Apocalypse. . .it's coming, folks. . .really.


  1. so, if Catholics (in the most heavily Catholic state in the US) SHOULDN'T work ERs....who's gonna help her survive an emergency?

    just wondering......

    too sad that people in desparate situations forget their basic human kindness. .... oh yeah...that's why communism doesn't work...when push comes to shove we don't WANNA share!

  2. I went on a Thomson cruise and asked at the Information Desk if there was a chapel, a prayer room or a chaplain on board. The answer was "No, we don't have things like that, there's no demand. People come on holiday to enjoy themselves" (!)
    I asked if the clerk could suggest a quiet area I might use and she said I could use the Casino during the day "As long as you don't chant or anything weird"

  3. Father:

    You may want to have a chuckle with this deMotivational Poster