10 October 2009

The peace of the grave

 from Doctor Zero at HotAir:

The cultural and political elite of Europe is delighted to give Obama an award for his bold work in turning America into the same kind of dilettante basket case they are. The people who sat helplessly and watched the slaughter in Bosnia may come to regret sacrificing their last shred of credibility to shore up a weak President, so he can finish the task of hobbling the only nation on Earth that can do a damned thing to prevent a slaughter. Europe thinks it can do business with the Islamic fascism creeping through its streets, but it will find any deals it makes with them have expiration dates, as surely as all of Barack Obama’s promises do. When they once again turn to America to save them, they had better hope we’ve had the wisdom to replace the confused and helpless man clutching his shiny Nobel Peace Prize with someone who can saddle up and ride to the rescue. Negotiation without principle is submission, and the only peace brought by submission is the peace of the grave.


  1. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I just came upon your site by accident. A one site leads to another kind of situation.

    I am baffled by the vitriol you exhibit. And I've read a few of the entries. I can tell you one thing: I have been the object of grave psychological damage due to two priests and their penchant for inappropriate action. I've also seen how the Church handles such things.

    I suggest that you help clean your own house and leave Mr. Obama to deal with the state of the Union.

    There's more than enough to be done with regard to "clean up" on the part of the Church. I think it would be far more valuable to engage in POSITIVE help for those hurt and lobby for badly needed change instead of ranting about the "lefties" on the Nobel Committee.

    That is nothing short of deranged.

    B. G. Name withheld for obvious reasons

  2. Anonymous8:37 PM

    I'll be interested to see if you post my earlier comment. And I read on...

    You accuse Obama of having a pedophile on his staff? And THIS comes from a member of the Catholic clergy?

    Clean out your own stall. I can tell you ALL about it and how it [doesn't] work.

    I've seen the inside and it's wretched. Obama is lily white by comparison. Bad thing to bring up.

    Not thoughtful.


  3. BG--

    Sorry, but you're the one failing the thoughtful test...BO knowingly hired a pedophile for the specific purpose of running the nation's school safety program...for all the dumbass things the bishops did during the sex scandals, I don't think any of them went out of their way to find men who are on record as supporting NAMBLA and then putting them in charge of the boys' choir. The bishops screwed up contra church teaching. BO apparently sees nothing wrong with NAMBLA so his appt of the pedophile is not contra policy but in support of it.

    Hope those subtle distinctions help you...

  4. BG--

    Welcome to the site...even if you find things here less than pleasant at times...

    I make no apologies for my political opinions. I didn't stop being an American citizen at ordination and I reject the modernist attempt to reduce religious belief to the purely private realm--this is little more than a move to silence faithful voices (though it started with Kant as a way of saving the faith!).

    One thing I do have to apologize for on occasion is my crankiness. It's not an excuse just a reality. Stay tuned...no doubt such a occasion will arise soon.

    Now to your principal complaint...it has become a meme in attacking to church to remind us of our failures during the scandals...true enough. But it defies logic to suggest that somehow the Church's failure excuses the failure of BO, or the public schools, or ACORN, etc. The line usually goes, "How dare the Church/Pope/Pastor criticize BO/Pelosi/_____! They have their own house to clean first!" Of course, this is just a red herring to deflect legit criticism. It is entirely possible for the Church to clean her own house and criticize others for not doing so. The dirt in the Church is there contra church policy not b/c of it. BO/Pelosi/ACORN cannot say the same. As an American Catholic what happens in US politics affects me just as much as it does an American atheist or Buddhist. However, what happens in the Church has no affect on American atheists or Buddhists...

    I could go on...but my coffee is cold. Stick around, BG...keep your comments directed at the posts and not at me or other commenters and you'll find your comment posted every time.

  5. Matt L.12:51 PM

    Mr. B.G.,

    It's nice to see a new face on Fr. Powell's comments section. As a lurker, I read a lot of comments, and new voices are nice additions to the mix. But, it's tragic to see your post plagued with fallacy-not the most constructive introduction.

    "You accuse Obama of having a pedophile on his staff? And THIS comes from a member of the Catholic clergy?"

    Ad hominem tu quoque, sir. Just because the Church has bad eggs does not make true things untrue. And Obama's significant inadequacies are true.

    I see, sir, that your experience with the Church was a hideous thing and that has left you with a horrific psychiatric burden. You have my sympathies (whether you believe this or not, it is true). But if you come to a site like this, guns blazing, trying to demolish a two-thousand year old institution and trying to invalidate the opinions of an American because of his ties to that institution, you have done yourself and your opinions no great service.

    I enjoy this blog and lurk here frequently. I don't agree with everything the good Father Powell says, and there is generally room to argue with his opinions and posts, this one included. But to dismiss him, his reasoning, and his intellect wholesale because he is a priest in the Catholic Church is just foolish. Moreover, to enter any discussion armed primarily with emotive logic, fallacy, and vituperation accomplishes painfully little. Yes, this may be, intellectually speaking, "the hill you want to die on," and I can see why you would be so motivated. But, please, come better armed and armored than you are with emotion and fallacy.

    "I've seen the inside and it's wretched." I'm sure, sir, in your experience, it is, and that is tragic and horrific. But, the implication that Fr. Powell and the other readers on this site have not seen the inside is as patronizing as it is asinine. Their experiences, while not nearly as traumatic, are just as valid and accurately descriptive of aspects the Church as as yours. But, that's just it: your experience and their experiences are accurate in so far as they describe a limited data set. That's why relativism is silly: to generalize truth from an opinion derived from an individual data set is a fool's errand, particularly if it ignores other equally valid data sets. To say the whole of the Church is rotten based on your experience is as absurd as a colorectal surgeon construing the entire human body based on his experience of the large bowel.

    Yes, it's understandable that you've come to broad-sweeping conclusions. Yes, it is understandable that you would use these conclusions in a heartfelt argument about politics. But understandable does not mean it is true. Truth is a harder sell and logical fallacy won't sell it.

    Matt L.
    Houston, Tx.

  6. To say the whole of the Church is rotten based on your experience is as absurd as a colorectal surgeon construing the entire human body based on his experience of the large bowel.

    Quote of the day.

  7. I'm not so sure about the colorectal analogy, allot of people die from such cancers.

  8. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Have the colorectal "experience" and get back to me on that. I can tell you all about it. Your analogy is lacking. To say the least. And the guy who issued the blistering rebuttal. Don't become a therapist. Just. Don't. Become. A. Therapist.

    I'm not bereft of reason; but I can't help what my experience has been. Not just the priests. The hierarchy. That, my friend, will make your knees wobbly. It's a nasty mess.

    But stay away from analogies. Especially rectal allusions when you're talking about pedophiles. Just a tiny hint.

    I'm gone now. Visiting was QUAINT. I'll leave you to congratulate one another on your thriving faith.

  9. Scott W.5:16 PM

    Just. Don't. Become. A. Therapist.

    Our anonymous locutor might well serve as a reliable moral compass. Just go the opposite direction he points. Matt L. Ever check out therapy as a career?

    I'm gone now. Visiting was QUAINT.

    I seem to recall Iron Maiden has a song about this: Run to the hilllllls!

    Sorry for the paleo commenting.