06 October 2009

Coffee Bowl Browsing (Zombie Apocalypse Edition)

Coffee Bowl Browsing, wherein we learn that all things may be interpreted through the hermeneutic of the Zombie Apocalypse. . .

The weapon of choice for the Church Militant for fighting the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse (ZA)

Visual guide for appropriate facial expressions at the beginning of the Z.A.

Cuisine for the non-Zombie during the Z.A.

Zombie Theologians of the Z.A. . .they are among us already!

Zombie Bats attack U.S. space program during the Z.A.

Hippos are the natural predator of the Zombie

Tip #4,783 for surviving the Z.A.:  Zombies can't drive on the snow.

Another tip for surviving the Z.A.:  Zombies are easily confused--defend your home by redecorating (#329).

Using nature's weapons to fight the Z.A. . .remember:  Zombies are clumsy.

Mutant Zombie Midgets do not make good babysitters

Don't be fooled!  Even our toys and candy will be infected during the Z.A.

If you think piranhas are dangerous. . .wait 'til you meet Zombie Fish!

An idea for recycling all those Zombie bodies


  1. alrighty now, that was a decidedly weird post!!

    note to self...when you see a car sliding sideways down an ice covered street....DON'T TRY TO DRIVE THERE!!....get out of car and walk the other way!!

  2. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Father, you may want to know that our Laura Flusche is working on an article that links Zombies to the Etruscans...

  3. You are SO weird! This is why I'll never have a blog. That, and I can't spend so much time in front of a screen. I much prefer being over a screen.