08 October 2009

HancAquam Poll: Coffee Bowl Browsing

What do you think of Coffee Bowl Browsing?

Great Stuff! Keep it up

Good read, nice distraction

So-so, no big woo

Not really interested

Waste of my time and yours


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1 comment:

  1. say, maybe you can illumine me.

    when speaking about pregnant women.

    WHAT is all this "co-creator with God" crap? I've heard or read it about 15 times in the last 2 weeks and it gives me morning sickness!!

    in my book (which I'll admit might need a good editor) God is THE creator.
    The mom has been blessed to grow and feed the baby, then to continue growing and feeding that baby for the rest of her life....but ain't no way she's CREATING nuthin.

    so, oh favorite friar of mine, what say you?