04 October 2009

The meaning of itineracy (in miles)

For someone who hates to travel, I've done a lot of it between June & October:

Rome to St Louis: 5,078
St Louis to Memphis: 314
Memphis to St Louis: 314
St Louis to Dallas: 630
Dallas to Memphis: 491
Memphis to Dallas: 491
Dallas to Houston: 251
Houston to Rome: 5, 708

Total: 12,647 miles (as the crow flies)


  1. What kind of itinerant preacher hates to travel?

  2. Faith, I know, right?

    I am my mother's son...if my mom has to be more than five miles from home she gets queasy.

  3. Emmett12:07 PM

    and none of it on horseback! What happened to walking everywhere?

  4. but the question for YOU is......

    where is "home"?????