04 October 2009

The Last Coffee Cup Browsing!

This is the last "Coffee Cup Browsing." Come Tuesday, we will return to "Coffee Bowl Browsing"!

And, yes. . .I have to pack this morning, so I'm procrastinating.

Dirty car art

Don't judge my hair! I am especially taken with the Tragic Mullet/Waves Crashing on Rocks couple.

Another Very Good Reason not to tailgate.

This Bible probably belonged to a Catholic.

I thought about getting a tattoo once. . .one of those Charles Kuralt "Sunday Morning on CBS" sunbursts.

For Moms of hooligans everywhere: it could be worse!

Redneck solutions
to everyday problems, or Wal-Mart is not always the answer

Ummmmmm, yea. . .I'll be over by the sandbox. . .you go ahead.

Two-headed sorority girl. . .no, really, she/they have two heads! Which raises the theological question: what if one head wants to be baptized a Catholic and the other wants to be a Muslim?

Catholic-kissing circa 1952. . .Leaving room for the Holy Spirit since 1 A.D.!

One true thing spoken through a telephone on a planet far away. . .

More Redneck Solutions: ladder edition

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    The conjoined twins are a pretty strong testament to their parents' belief in life. Many would have elected an abortion under these circumstances....

    just a tad edgy for a Respect Life weekend!