05 April 2009

Obama Bowing and Scraping to Saudi King

I know quite a few of you really hate it when I post on overtly political subjects. If you are one of these, you will want to skip this post.

President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama, bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia (00:55):

Some will claim that this is simply diplomatic protocol. If so, why is Obama the only head of state bowing to the king? If so, why didn't he bow like this to Queen Elizabeth II? Heads of State do not bow to one another.

AND before someone writes it in the combox. . .yes, I know that Bush bowed to the Pope. . .more of a profound nod, really. . .but he should not have done so.


  1. Anonymous8:29 AM

    May God forgive him because he really doesn't have a clue as to what he is doing.

  2. I wish I could say that this surprises me but..... I was always taught that as Americans we do not bow to any king or queen. Did the mainstream media pick up on this?

    Those who voted for him need to open up their eyes.

  3. Opey,

    He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

  4. Bush's protocol with the Pope was a different matter in my opinion. If you listen to interview with te former President on the matter, he said he treated him differently (in particular picking him up from the airport in person) because he was not visiting as a head of state, but as a religious leader.

    Makes sense to me, but then again I'm me.

  5. Baron,

    The American President, as the President, bows to no one.

    I, as a priest, readily, willingly, eagerly bow to the Vicar of Christ.

    If elected as President of the US...no. Republican, Democrat, or otherwise, no.

  6. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Well, on a lighter side...at least he didn't offer him his left hand to shake.

    And I wonder if Obama realizes the many Christians that go "missing" in Saudi. Do you realize before you depart from the Airplane in Saudi you have to sign a form stating you have no religious items or materials on you. And if you do the penalty will be confiscation, emprisonment and/or death? Do you know how many Bibles have been shredded in their customs? Totally off the subject, but I don't think people realize the scope and depth of the hatred they hold for Christianity.

    And, sorry if if am ranting. Every Friday noon, the mosque fill the streets and corners through the loud speakers with hatred for America. Yes. It is true. I realize diplomacy is needed but let's get real. They hate us, Americans and Christians.

  7. The American President, as the President, bows to no one.

    Actually, I would like to give this Pope a great, big hug, so I guess it's just as well I'm not President.

    Although from the point of view of protocol, I guess the great, big hug would probably be a no-no even from me.