06 April 2009

Yes, Rebecca, confessions are allowed during the Triduum!

Is your pastor telling the parish that there will be no confessions after Wednesday this week?

Is he claiming that this is stipulated by the Church?

I've heard this all my Catholic life! (Though I've known that it's not true.)

Fr. Z. says, "Nay! Nay!"

The Church does NOT forbid confessions after Wednesday.


  1. they've added more confession times....BUT have stated repeatedly that because lines are LOOONG for confession during Holy Week that confession should only be used for those "have grave need" or who are "wanting to return to the Church". Basically...if you can wait to confess, WAIT!.

    told hubby that meant he'd better behave himself this week!


  2. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Ok, so our priests here have it wrong but what is one to do? It is great to know this, but in reality, or here, you can not receive this sacrament.

  3. Opey,

    It is perfectly acceptable to politely inform your pastor of the CDW's decision. Don't send him documents or emails. Talk to him. If he perists, find a parish that's doing it is supposed to do. After Easter, politely inform the bishop by sending a friendly inquiry about the practive. My guess is that your pastor was taught that confession is not allowed and is simply doing what he thinks the Church is asking him to do.

  4. Mom,

    Add my admonition to yours...


  5. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Many thanks father.
    We are through parish hopping and are moving hopefully soon to a whole new diocese. Although we know there will be things to overcome, such as temperments, etc., that is acceptable over a "care less" attitude that is here. I prefer letters as he, the priest, brushes me off quite frequently, but may say something in passing; he bits frequently with his comments and attitude. And since our Bishop seems to be of the same mold and instruction, there is a temptation to just not attend, which we fight and overcome. This parish, our parish, is the only one that there is no monkying with the Eucharistic prayers and the homilies are solid, to a degree.

  6. I had never heard of this practice (no Confession during Holy Week/Triduum) before this year -- and now have seen it singled out as an abuse on several blogs.

    I understand scheduling difficulties, but my parish priests will hear confessions on the spur of the moment if pastorally it seems necessary (I've never seen anyone refused).

  7. I'd heard the same thing before, and to be fair, the old regulations were too vague and easily misinterpreted. One point I'd disagree slightly with my confrere here is that having the new Missal instruction is rather clarifying, so why not mention that the new Missal says it's quite ok? However you choose to go, always correct in charity.

  8. New question for you - when does the season of Lent end? We had a lively conversation about this before morning prayer today.

    Did it end with Sunday vespers? Sunday night prayer? Wednesday? Saturday before the celebration of the Vigil? Opinions varied, my research was inconclusive, but admittedly superficial.

  9. Michelle,

    Lent ends with the beginning of the Easter Vigil. That's the easiest way to think about it. Some say that the Triduum (Thru, Fri, Sat) end Lent...not so sure.

    Anyway, I'm sure someone will correct me.