07 April 2009

Postings around. . .

A quick round up of excellent blog posts. . .

US gives Italian earthquake victims $50,000. Maybe someone should tell The One that an abortion clinic was destroyed.

Mark Shea untangles the mess some make of papal infallibility.

Diogenes spanks the NCR on their story about why Bishop Morlino fired the feminist "pastor."

He also clears up the confusion over why The One was invited to Notre Dame.

Patrick N. Allit at Inside Catholic recounts the history of Catholic anti-communism.

As Americans we are not only free to speak but free to listen: Freedom to Listen.

Reiki goofiness banned at Catholic wellness center. Someone was listening!

"Misanthropic ecofascism" and The Revenge of Gaia (a book review)

Anna Arco tells us how the tolerant, diversity-loving Austrian "We Are Church" Catholics defied the Pope.

And a funny one from Jeff Miller. . .technology comes to Holy Week!


  1. Thank you Fr. Philip for 'rounding out' my Holy Week...a very informative post.

    Have a blessed(& I pray a safe) Holy Week, Triduum, and Easter!

  2. chrisacs9:50 AM


    You're KILLING ME!!!! "Misanthropic ecofascism!!!" Thats better than "moonbat!"

    Just for fun I did two things: 1. goggled it and 2. broke down the etymology. What we nerds do for fun! Maybe I'll get around to readying the article.



  3. Chris,

    Wish I could take credit, but it's the reviewer's term. I love it too. Might write a poem using the title...this is after I write my ode to Morose Delectation.