29 May 2014

The Daughters of St. Philip Neri!

I have no idea how I ran across this site. . .however, I'm intrigued! Check it out. . .The Daughters of St. Philip Neri:

“Let us concentrate intensely on Christ’s divine love and let us enter deeply into the wound in His side, into the living font of the wisdom of God made man, so as to drown ourselves in Him and not be able to find again the road which leaves Him.” (St. Philip Neri)

These words capture poignantly the desires and hopes of the Daughters of St. Philip Neri who seek like their Patron (Heart of Fire and Martyr of Charity) to enter and remain hidden close to the heart of Christ so that enflamed by His Spirit of love their lives may become a sacrifice of praise to God. Reflecting on the difficult situation in which Christ’s Church struggles, they resolve to make their humble contribution to renew the life of the Christian faithful and in particular the priesthood through their dedication to Adoration, Reparation, and Spiritual Motherhood for Priests.

The Daughter of St. Philip Neri lives this out in imitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary by embracing the Will of God in joy and in sorrow, health and infirmity, prosperity and want, companionship and solitude, light and obscurity. In a word, she sees in every event of life an opportunity to enter, with the Blessed Virgin Mary, into the sacrifice of Christ the Priest.  In this way, a Daughter of St. Philip Neri can participate in the spiritual fecundity of the Mother of the Redeemer who, by her constant intercession, cares for the gift of life that ever flows from the open Heart of her Son, and cooperates with a mother’s love in the birth and upbringing of Christ’s faithful, her children.
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  1. This came at an opportune time as I have been thinking lately of the whole "spiritual motherhood" thing ... especially since I already pray and sacrifice A LOT for this one particular priest! ;-)

    Thanks for posting.

    1. Yeah, my GA got the msg from your GA and that's probably who led me to the site. :-)

    2. And that particular priest benefits daily from your prayer and sacrifice!

  2. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Beautilful! Thanks for the link.