26 May 2014

Coffee Cup Browsing

Amer-Progs' fav Marxist economist used bogus data. Figures. Marxism is bogus from the ground up.

"Sentimentality always leads to the gas chamber." This is why reason must always rule passion.

More on the LCWR's fav self-appointed prophet and New Age phoney-baloney, Barbara Hubbard.

U.N. drops "torture" charge against the Church. Here's an idea: abolish the U.N. Raze the building. Salt the earth. 

Lefty's trying and failing (again) to pin the blame for mass-shooter on the Right.

BTW, all of his guns/ammo were legal. . .in California! And three of his victims were killed with a knife.

Looks like the Brits are finally coming to their anti-E.U. senses

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  1. Britons are much smarter than Muricans and have not only the accent to prove it, but also the shrewdness of recognizing that their two largest parties haven't represented them for decades. Rather, the Labours and Tories have represented the interests of the City. The gave the Liberals a try, but they turned out to be cut from the same stock as the other politicos. The UKIP is a bit populist, but frankly anti-establishment.

    If only there were as many political choices stateside, more than the two sides of the same coin serving the military-industrial complex.

    Can the Constitution be amended to allow Nigel Farage (UKIP) to be president?

    1. I'd vote for Nigel today, if I could! The Dempublicans pretty much stopped representing the middle class long ago.