25 May 2014

Eliot Rodger: hero of amoral secularism

If you can stomach it, watch this guy's Youtube vids. I haven't heard that kind of psycho-narcissism since I worked in the mental hospital.

Two disturbing things jumped out at me: 1). his entitlement and 2). the hyper-sexualized fixation on his virginity.

Notice how many times he refers to his cars, sunglasses, clothes, etc., always appealing to them as some kind of magical amulets that are supposed to make women fall in love with him. Apparently, his accumulation of expensive stuff entitles him to a girlfriend. Wonder where he got that idea!?

He's a 22 yo virgin. Only in a culture that despises marriage and children can a 22 yo man wail in public about his virginity. Notice that he never mentions marriage or children. . .just sex. Notice how he compares himself with the "brutes" that women seem to prefer over him -- a beta-male with money whining b/c women like alpha-males. 

My guess is that he has been told since birth that he is special: given everything he wants, never disciplined, always pampered, and told that his feelings defined reality. When his bloated self-esteem ran up against the equally bloated self-esteem of the women his age. . .well, just watch the vids, if you can bear it.

Sad. Very sad. 

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  1. Very disturbing indeed...and confirms my opinion that the whole "manosphere" mindset is ultimately cynical, misanthropic and breeds narcissism and neurosis. And I for one know how alluring it is nowadys, especially for single men who see themselves in romantic predicaments. Your oberservation about the concepts of marriage and children being alien to that worldview made perfect sense to me, since what strook me the most about that subculture is that the word "love" is completely absent from its vocabulary.

    Its disastrous potential for mentally unstable people is serious. Some months ago I perused a group blog I used to read and one of whose members had comitted suicide, and I found out that not only his posts were still on the air but that he was clearly obsessed with that kind of stuff...

  2. I couldn't watch much,probably shouldn't have watched any of this "supreme gentleman." Quite full of himself, very hard to read- his facial expressions and body language did not match his words. I agree with what you have written above. Scary because this is one natural outcome of the culture many children are raised in. If they are already predisposed toward narcissism and selfish-esteem, then this current push toward "specialness" will only strengthen that predisposition. Self esteem cannot be given to you. It comes from working and achieving, from realizing worked-for goals, not some artificial awards given so everyone feels "like a winner"....

  3. Anonymous2:07 PM

    There will soon be no more narcissism as an official diagnosis. So, I guess he would be selfish/self-centered, etc?