25 May 2014

Audio for 6th Sunday of Easter

Audio File for: "Was it easier back then?"


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  1. The ending was good, last 2 or 3 minutes. I thought you spent too much time and energy building up at the beginning the "was it easier back then?" point. And then in many places I found it disjointed, hard to follow as I was listening...and a couple of times I wondered where you were going to go with some of the things you said, and then you didn't seem to go anywhere with them - or maybe I just got lost. At times it seemed you were rambling, or hurried. It didn't pack the usual punch.

    And I have in mind the diagram (I assume you know the diagram of which I am writing) which has GOD in the middle, and a triangle around the outside which says: The Father is not the Spirit is not the Son is not the Father.... but each is God - at some point in answer to "who is this Spirit?" you said "Jesus is the Spirit." Should I go back and revise that old diagram? ;-)

    1. You are a close reader, my dear! I had to quickly edit this one down b/c it was way too long. I cut an entire paragraph plus some. . .one that made the Jesus is the Spirit stuff clearer. No, you don't need to revise your diagram. At one point, Jesus says, "I will send you another Advocate." ANOTHER Advocate? Who was the first one? Etc.