13 April 2013

To Crush My Enemies and Hear the Wails of Their Women!

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  1. I laughed, but then felt fear...........

  2. “...an early missionary in New Zealand heard a Maori warrior taunting the preserved head of an enemy chief in the following fashion:

    You wanted to run away, did you? but my meri (war club] overtook you: and after you were cooked, you made food for my mouth. And where is your father? he is cooked: and where is your brother? he is eaten:-and where is your wife? there she sits, a wife for me:-and where are your children? there they are, with loads on their backs, carrying food, as my slaves.' In Maori warfare, decapitation marked the beginning, not the end, of a vanquished warrior's humiliation.”
    ― Lawrence Keeley
    War Before Civilization 1996