12 April 2013

"Elite Panic"

Another explanation for the deafening silence of the MSM on the Gosnell murder trial: the Unwashed Plebs will misinterpret the facts and overreact by demanding political actions that their Enlightened Betters do not approve of:

Elites tend to believe in a venal, selfish, and essentially monstrous version of human nature, which I sometimes think is their own human nature. I mean, people don't become incredibly wealthy and powerful by being angelic, necessarily. They believe that only their power keeps the rest of us in line and that when it somehow shrinks away, our seething violence will rise to the surface -- that was very clear in Katrina. Timothy Garton Ash and Maureen Dowd and all these other people immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started writing commentaries based on the assumption that the rumors of mass violence during Katrina were true. A lot of people have never understood that the rumors were dispelled and that those things didn't actually happen; it's tragic.

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  1. And this from Fr. Dwight Longenecker's blog, questions which have been bothering me as well:

    "Here is the thing which worries me even more deeply. If the media can stay silent about this, what else are they staying silent about? What else do we not know? If they can stay silent on this, what else will they stay silent about in the future? When people are taken away in the night who will say anything? When there are legal detention camps who will object? When people start to disappear who will say anything at all? Who will know?"