10 March 2013

Scenting the Zombie Apocalypse

What perfume goes best with the Zombie Apocalypse?

If you watch The Walking Dead--and I hope that you do--you know that one of the ways to walk among the Zombies w/o becoming lunch is to rub zombie guts all over you so that you smell like one of them.

Well, thanks to fragrance producer, Demeter, you can skip the icky gut-smearing and just spritz on the stench of rotting flesh!


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  1. I'm a 28 Days/28 Weeks Later-only one. Poor me...!

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    A big fan of vampires,and the right kind of werewolf can keep my attention. But zombies. Absolutely narecoleptic. I'd rather watch The View. (Well, not really, but you get my point.)

    1. Watching The View IS watching zombies.