13 March 2013

JPII. . .BXVI. . .and now, F1. . .!

Habemus Papam!!!

But you probably know that already.  . 

I was across the Lake at a Benedictine retreat center, celebrating Mass for the 8th grade girls of Mt Carmel Academy.  I was vested and standing outside the chapel waiting for the girls to come over. . .when one of the bus drivers stated yelling: "White smoke! We have a Pope!" A second later, my cell beeped with a text msg from PopeAlarm. . .

The driver called me over to the bus and we watched a live feed of the balcony for about ten minutes. By that time, I had to go in for Mass.

After Mass, the driver called me over and said that they were just about to announce the new Pope.

We listened. . .cheered. . .and I ran back over to the chapel and announced the news to the girls before they loaded into their buses.  They clapped.  I said to them, "First Latin American pope; first Jesuit pope; and the first pope named Francis. . .a day of firsts, ladies!"

The driver asked me, "So, Father, are you happy with their choice?"  I said, "He's the Holy Father; of course, I'm happy!"  :-)

John Allen reports that Cardinal Bergoglio was second-runner up in the 2005 conclave. . .

Anyway. . .God Bless our Holy Father, Pope Francis I!  (Check the sidebar for the basic facts about F1).

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  1. Plus don't you love having a Jesuit pope forced to wear white since a Dominican pope started the practice?