02 October 2012

My political fast: a report

Q:  Father, please report on your fast from politics?  How's it all going?

A: HA! Never thought of it as a "political fast," but I suppose that's what it is.  To be more specific, I'm fasting from discussing politics, meaning I'm keeping up with what's going on but boycotting a scripted role in the faux drama.

Several noteworthy changes:

1). I feel much less aggravated, annoyed. . .much more at peace with the fact that God is in charge.

2). Boycotting the horse race elements of the campaign has freed me to pay more attention to substance.

3). The longer I'm in Script Detox, the sillier the whole political process appears.

4). Script Detox also makes the differences btw the candidates and parties seem easier to spot.

5). And at the same time, the embarrassing similarities are more obvious.

6).  None of my basic political views have changed, but my perspective on the process we use to select our leaders has become even more cynical.  Well, not the process itself but what we've allowed to happen to the process.

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  1. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Well, not the process itself but what we've allowed to happen to the process."

    I assume that you mean the extra-legal show. But we have allowed other things to happen to the process, both in direct law/constitution, and in other areas of our nation, that have, I believe, created the debacle we are now in. Things that, I strongly suspect, you would be very resistant to considering.

    Just one. I have come to the conclusion that universal suffrage is a deeply flawed idea. It is not essential to citizenship to be an elector. And not at all required for a republican form of government.

    Especially when you consider the shape of the American electorate.

    I realize that this idea has no traction whatever under the current Constitution and government, but that does not make it wrong.

    And to be even more directly provocative, you cannot have a 19th Amendment and avoid the eventuality of a welfare nanny state.

    Happy fasting, Father.

    1. You're right. I'm not keen on reconsidering universal suffrage or the 19th amendment. I would be very keen, however, to repeal the 17th amendment and return to the states the power to appoint US Senators.

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I wish you'd reconsider this "fast." I found your political commentaries to be the main reason I check in from time to time. Just sayin'. 2JtM

    1. I hear ya! But my spiritual health is at risk when I delve into politics. It makes me downright irrational and cranky (crankier).