04 October 2012

8 Misc Questions

1. Q:  Are you going to post a pic of your new rosary?

A:  Yes.  My camera is charged up.  Just waiting for inspiration. 

2. Q:  Are priests allowed to have hobbies that aren't religious?  Do you have any hobbies?

A:  I'm not sure what a "religious hobby" would be. . .but, yes, priests can have hobbies and most do.  I know priests who: paint icons; crochet blankets, caps, etc.; collect DVD's of old movies; and most of the priests I know are sports fans.  My hobby (such as it is) is somewhat unusual for a priest. . .wanna guess what it is?  (Hint:  it's not collecting books despite all evidence to the contrary)

3. Q:  Afraid to ask but must, how's the weight loss coming along?

A:  What is this "weight loss" of which you speak?  'Nuff said.

4. Q:   Father, any chance you'll be made a bishop one day?

A:  Not if God loves me.  Meetings, paperwork, bureaucracy, politics, budgets. . .shudder. Religious priests are much less likely to be appointed to the purple. . .though we do have several rather prominent bishops right now from Orders (Chaput, O'Malley, George).

5. Q:  You're not discussing politics, I know.  But did you watch the debate last night?

No.  I've never watched a debate.  Principally b/c they aren't debates.  They are just scripted joint press conferences with the candidates.  I've read the aftermath reports and must say that I feel for B.O.  Some of us just do better with texts!

6. Q:  How's Fr. Aaron doing? [NB. Fr. Aaron Arce, OP is battling bone cancer.]

He's moved into hospice in St Louis.  I'm going to call him this weekend.

7. Q:  I heard you say that you're giving a day retreat for the Dominican laity this weekend.  What's the topic?

I'm going to present a very truncated philosophical history of how the Church found herself under attack in a largely Christian country.  We will start with Aquinas and end with Lady Gaga.

8. Q:  Do you actually read all the books you get?

Yes.  I may not read every book cover to cover, but I only ask for books that I'm pretty sure I will read and use.  Even the "fun books." Quite often I will use them for homily prep or in class.  It's vitally important for Catholic preachers to stay on top of what's going in the culture at large and be able to address it from a Catholic perspective.  For example, this Sunday's reading are about marriage and divorce. Here at St Dominic we will open the archdiocese's Rosary Eucharist Congress, and I'm the first preacher.  So, I need to be up on same-sex "marriage," contraception, etc. in order to address immediate spiritual concerns.  The message never changes. But the package it comes in sometimes does.

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  1. "For example, this Sunday's reading are about marriage and divorce"...and if you can (convincingly - or very creatively!) tell me how they could also relate to Confirmation, which is happening at my territorial parish this weekend, you'll win a prize :-)! I guess they aren't supposed to change the readings if it is a Sunday, since I'm the reader and I asked if these were really the readings we were using.

  2. I know what your hobby is... maybe. Can I guess?