06 September 2012

Go Out into the Deep! (Homily audio file)

Homily for 22nd Week OT (Wed):  Go Out in the Deep!

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  1. I'm about to make a dangerous comment!! I wanted you to keep talking - I wanted to hear more. Much more!

    This was good - causing me to question, consider, reflect; gave me a not-so-gentle push. There was a time when it was easier for me to totally abandon myself to Divine Providence; lately, not so much. As a gymnast, I was a "fearless" balance beam worker - I had Absolute Confidence that the beam would be under my feet, no matter what I did in the air. Much easier to "go out into the deep" when one has that absolute confidence and trust. But i am finding it such a challenge to maintain!

    1. Several members of the congregation said the same thing, "Keep preaching next time!" I'd already hit the five min mark and felt I should continue. That's the problem with unscripted homilies. . .if you hit a good stride, you can go on and on and on. With a script, I can consider, revise, tweak, and get the point into five mins.